Product quality isn’t just on the agenda at our mills – it’s paramount. This quality, which determines the excellence and value of our raw materials, is something we have to continually optimise and reproduce on a daily basis for our customers. To us, quality means consistency – every single day. We’re following a holistic concept across the entire value-creation chain.

Raw materials management

The Bindewald & Gutting milling group works closely together with farmers and agricultural traders. We’re in continual contact with our in-house agricultural engineers for any questions involving agriculture and crop cultivation and exchange information with our partners on everything from variety selection to fertilisation and crop protection to harvesting and storage. We also carry out our own growing and variety trials, all the way up to testing of the fitness of new grain varieties for baking.

So cooperation between the agricultural and milling sectors isn’t just limited to the harvest, but continues across the entire grain cycle. In our opinion, this is the only way to produce flours which develop precisely those characteristics desired by our customers.

Process quality

Using our automated processes, we ensure that the end product exhibits the desired properties during each individual processing step. Reproducible and safe end products are only ensured when clearly defined raw materials and processes are used. Our targeted checks – including online checking during the whole process – help us to continually confirm and develop this system.